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Abraham Danso



About Abraham Danso Contemporary Artist Switzerland


Abraham Ibrahim Danso born 1968 in Camden Town, London, England. 
He spent the childhood in Banjul and Brikama, the Gambia in West Africa and Lausanne mainly in Effretikon-Zurich both in Switzerland. From a young age he began to drawing and painting and started with sports to keep an emotional balance. At the age of 16 he left school to enter the workforce, soon making the way as a chord mason. After several years start (1987–1988) training in the field of interior design at the new Art School Zurich in Switzerland. (1990–1993) Acquisition of the profession for graduates Dipl. Decoration Painter by Mr. Schmidt Christian in Zurich-Switzerland one of the most renowned specialist in the handling of material, shape and color nationally and internationally. Fascinated by the craft and the traditional and artistic techniques followed in the subsequent years of employments as a scene and stage painter at the Zurich Opera House and Mr. Humbel Beat a restorer and decorativ painter, where the artistic crafts and decorative painting was further deepened. Afterward exercise of contract work and freelance activities as space- and object designer, decoration and stage painter /color designer and visual artist. (2005–2011) Study and graduated, Diplomas in Color Consulting/-Design as well as prof. BEng. in Color Design Technology (Haus der Farbe – Higher Technical College for prof. Color Design Zurich/ Berlin, , F + F School of Art & Media Design Zurich, University of the Arts Zurich). Doing creation and art,  Danso lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.