Touch the souls of the people.
Inspiration and perception are the driving forces to let the creation take place with energy, emotions and colors. With the selected tools and the color materiality, I am transfering in an expressive and abstract way, universal and invisible energies. The creation, painting is nourished and permeated by conscious mind and emotions. A kind of informel, amorphous, energetic and vibrant structure. With the color materiality, combinations, compositions and the resulting reflections, sounds and vibrations I communicate about the visual and energetic fields with the viewer.

So with this creation I have the opportunity, to reach people for touching their emotions and souls.
 I am sure and belief with my kind of artistic creation and the desire “to give pleasure to people” that I may delight a lot of people. On my way to the ongoing development as a designer and an artist, the conscious spiritual work is inevitable.

This is not a religious insight but one spiritual, coming from an inner necessity.


Creative process
This kind of creating brings me into a meditative state in which I connect to universal and invisible energies on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. In response to my deepest emotions and with the help ofmy chosen tools I try to express these emotions in metaphoric shapes upon the pictorial ground. In most cases I enter my studio without a preconceived idea and trust the inspiration and the process of creation that will surely and instinctively guide me. From the first stillness evolves the choice of the primary color for the background and the implement. Gradually the pace of my working accelerates until it slips into its own rhythmcarrying me along.

From then on I am fully absorbed in the process, the colors begin to play and sound in front of me, a moment of highest productive tension arises in which I am in complete harmony with the spiritual energies, the essence of the composition that is developing under my hand and in front of my eyes. Only after the climax of creativity I in fact perceive the result of the process and enter into a state of complete relaxation and spiritual opening.

The essence of this moment is captured through the synchronized interplay of mental/emotional, physical and mechanical elements and the chosen implements as; paint, brushes, spatula and other.
By mirroring the spiritual experience and through its reflection in the color combination I strive to convey the vibration to my fellow man.

I want to share this way of communication with others and therewith stir up their emotions. What grows out of this natural process of cause and effect or action and reaction is a deeply experienced journey.